The Hit Makers Session

The city-to-city sync touring event for
songwriters and producers

Powered By: The Music Placement Conference

It’s all about SYNC.

May 29th, Online

Online listening session for the Music Placement Conference  VIPs

August 17, Bahamas

Live event with panelists, songwriting contest and more

August 23, N Carolina

Songwriting contest and music listening session


Writers Challenge

We play the instrumental, you write the song, melody and then you sing it.

Listening Sessions

Play your music for the experts. Limited space signs-up soon for a slot.

Sync Discussions

Network with filmmakers and video content providers who are looking for music.

Sync Store

The power of a sync store and how a community effort could rasie your sales number.

Filmmakers Panel

Talk to the filmmakers that make the decision on the music for their films.

Sync and AI

Deep discussion on how AI is effecting the Sync world and how you can win.

Legally Legal

The legalities involved in sync licensing, and avoiding the pitfalls

Pitch and Present

The presentation of your music and you as the brand that can be trusted.

can you write a hit in 30 minutes?

We loop the beat, you write the hit.

“An intense songwriting contest with a group of total strangers can really sharpen your skills”  J. Wilson

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The hit makers session presents

The VIP Listening Session

The Hit Makers Session
Zoom Listening session for MPC VIP's Only
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