2nd Annual Music Placement Conference

Includes: 2 Day Event - Lunch - Parking - Multiple Parties - Rooms under $120

Friday & Saturday, January 26th – 27th 2018

We bring together filmmakers, producers, songwriters, publishers, attorneys, directors and music supervisors.

Questions: Text or Call 407-205-2138

At this event:

  • Meet Film and Music Professionals
  • Pitch your film for seed funding up to $1000
  • Pitch your music for demo seed funding up to $1000
  • Talk to A&R directors, producers, and other songwriters.
  • Find music and beats for your projects.
  • Discuss Film Development Opportunites
  • Discover how to properly protect and make money with your music.
  • Find new collaborations for your film and music projects
  • Connect with publishing companies.
  • Talk to Filmmakers looking for music
  • Share your film projects with individuals who can fund your ideas.

Networking Filmmakers & Songwriters

Listening Session For Placing Music


Gene Culver

2017 Music Placement Conference founder Gene Culver during The Hit Makers Session listening to music from the producers and songwriters

Hit Makers

Symphonic Distribution

2017 Music Placement Conference panelist Patrick David Zajda from Symphonic Distribution talking with this year’s panelist Delgado Cooke

Studio Session

Karen Marie Mason

Panelist and industry legend Karen Marie Mason who runs Artist Launch delivering marketing nuggets is back for the Music Placement Conference 2018.

MusicBiz 2017

Sync Panelist 2017

2017 Music Placement Conference panelist Davey Jay, Chris Morris, and Angel Soto. Discussing copyrights, sync licensing and song registration.


Ranelle Golden

2017 Music Placement Conference panelist Renelle Golden Scriptwriter and producer of the Cosmic Film Festival in Orlando, Florida

MPC 2017

Taking Notes & Nuggets

2017 Music Placement Conference crowd enjoying the panelist and taking notes on the film and music industry and what it takes to succeed.

Schedule of Events 2018

Growing Schedule

Audio Drizzle Party Day 1

Welcome Registration: 4 PM

Welcome reception 5 PM – 9 PM Then, VIP Party Executive Suite 10th Floor

Legend Awards Day 1

Legend Awards Day 1

Legend Awards Day 1

Achievement Awards

Registration Day 2

Registration re-opens Saturday. 8 AM Pick up your badge

The Kick Off Day 2

Opening Remarks 9 AM “Making Friends Before You Need Them”

Breakout Session Audio Drizzle Room

Let’s, Market 9:30 AM Social Media, Word Press, Merchandise e-commerce, Brand Development, Web Design,
e-mail list and Marketing
Karen Marie Mason: Moderator: Gene Culver

Panelist Meetup

Bridging The Gap To Film Day 2

Film: Behind the scenes 10:30 AM
Discussion on Modeling, Acting attending auditions &
working behind the Scenes.

Shellita Boxie, Juliette J Lyrique: Moderator: Ranelle Golden

Breakout Session Audio Drizzle Room

Keeping the Stream alive 10:30 AM
Streaming profits, marketing and how to benefit.

Patrick David Zadja: Moderator: 

 Sponsored By: Symphonic Distribution

Panelist Meetup

Music Supervisor Listening Session:
Placing Music “Sync” 11:30 AM
Breakout room 18.
Play your music, get feedback and discover what they want and why they select the music.

Karen Marie Mason, Portia Mazone, Michael Katz, Michael Donaldson, Nancy Criss :
Moderator: Gene Culver

Getting Placements Day 2

Daily Music Placements, HOW? 11:30 AM Where to fish for deals Prep the music, Listening Session

Eric Campbell, Cappriccieo M. Scates, Casey Graham: Moderator: Allen Johnston

Social Break Day 2

Network and Network 12:15 PM Prepare to Return for the Working Lunch & PITCH PARTY!

Making Money With Your Music

Give Me a Beat! How to make money with your music every day!
Main Stage: Casey Graham

Achievement Awards

Afternoon Break Outs

Tour Support - How To Get It!

Getting Paid To Perform 1:15 PM oOHFlex.com Media Services Discover how to get sponsors for your gigs

Turning Chairs Day 2

Singing Competition 2:15 PM The Hit Makers Session Search Win Studio time & recording perks

Achievement Awards


  • null

    Nancy Criss

    Producer | Directory | Writer

  • null

    Davey Jay

    Meehle & Jay Law Firm

  • null

    Allen Johnston

    Sync US Licensing and International Licensing
    Digital Delivery
    Mobile Streaming
    Personal Consulting

  • null

    Portia Mazone

    Attorney/Music Supervisor

  • null

    Joe Costa

    Indie Filmmaker/Director

  • null

    Durell Peart

    Int’l Artist Manager

  • null

    Lawrence Haber

    Entertainment Attorney

  • null

    Cappriccieo M. Scates

    President/CEO of Mytrell Records

  • null

    Delgado Cooke

    Music and Song Placement

  • null

    Juliette J Lyrique

    Music and Film Professional

  • null

    Shellita Boxie

    Stunt Actor

  • null

    Craig Raymo

    Music Supervisor

  • null

    Gene Culver

    Sync Licensing

  • null

    Casey Graham

    Grammy Award Winning Producer

  • null

    Jon Ernst

    Music Supervisor

  • null

    Michael Donaldson

    Music Supervisor

  • null

    Karen Marie Mason

    Music Supervisor

  • null

    Kipper Jones

    Singer, Songwriter, Producer

  • null

    Eric Campbell

    Producer / Song Placement Expert

  • null

    Michael Richartz


  • null

    Deon ``Struc Supreme`` Bowden

    That Rabbit Distribution


1 on 1 listening sessions with music supervisors, filmmakers, music producers and more!

1 on 1 meetings

Book 1 on 1 meetings with industry experts for advice, listening sessions, feedback, and relationship building.

Writing Collaborations

Hear incomplete music from Grammy™ nominated and award winning writers. Work side by side to complete a song.

Music Demo Start Up Funds

Perform & We Vote

Perform for our judges and let our team vote. They will decide if they will put the funds behind your next demo.

Behind The Scene

Talk with indie film makers about what they need when it comes to music production for their film projects.

Open Project Call

Our guest presenters and speakers will be sharing real opportunities to place your music in their projects.

Individual Consultations

Once you register, you can have a copyright and licensing conversation before the event with Gene Culver.

Film Pitch for Start Up Funds

Music Placement

Work with our team to discuss music placements and what is needed to fill the opportunities.

Pitch Your Ideas

Pitch your film ideas 1 on 1 to our team and let them vote on startup funding to help you jump start your project. Talk to distributors about distribution channels.

Evening Networking

Make a friend! Hang out at the pool when the main conference ends and increase your industry contacts.

Networking Lunch

Since lunch is included, you get to shake hands and network with experts while they share knowledge and answer questions.

1 Yr of alerts

We provide alerts to either your cell phone or email (or both) when our submission team needs to find the perfect song.


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9840 International Drive Orlando, Florida, USA, 32819

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Multiple shows and showcases Friday and Saturday Pop, Country, Rock and R&B – Two Stages

Acts announced soon – All tickets include all shows

Pop & R&B

Country & Rock


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