10 AM Kick Off

10:00-10:45 AM

Legally Legal

Avoiding the Pitfalls

Sync licensing has many moving parts. Discover how to avoid the pitfalls so you can collect royalties for life. 

10:55 AM

Writers Challenge

Can you write a hit?

We will loop an instrumental and you and your writing team will collaborate on writing the next hit song.

12:00 PM

Filmmakers Panel

Filmmakers take the stage

Building relationships with filmmakers and what they are feel music brings to a scene is key to understanding how to get your music place. Let them tell you first hand. 

1-3 PM starts the VIP Sessions

Breath, Beats, Stretch

Let’s take a break and network, have lunch, and let the music play. We will be playing the music in the room from those that are attending. We will play the MPC 2023 Attendee Spotify playlist.

3:00 PM

Sync and AI

Using AI for Sync

Let’s face it, AI is everywhere. Now it can make music that sounds like, feels like, and is like anything you could ever image. Discover how to used it and how not to use it for sync. 

4:00 PM

Sync Store

Reducing The Friction

Listen, Like, & License is the future of sync music. Having a store that allows music supervisors and independent filmmakers to instantly license music becomes your vending machine 24 hours a day.  

5:00 PM

Listening Session

Play Your Hits

We want to hear your music. If it is for sync or for another artist to write to, this is your moment. Let us blast your hit song across the room. These sessions can expand your network in minutes.  


Register for MPC 2024 Today!

You guessed it! The Music Placement Conference is all about getting your music placed. Yes, we educate but the listening sessions, one-on-one meetups, and consulting is design to help you with actual placement tips and opportunities. It’s one of the best investments you’ll make in your music career for 2024. 

VIP Meet & Greet With Speakers and Attendees

The evening after-party and networking event for VIPs and attendees in the presidential suite is the room to be in when the conference ends.